Sustainable Cocktail Straws

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Serve up stylish cocktails just like the pros. Our eco-friendly reed straws are the sustainable and stylish answer to harmful plastic options. Produced from durable bamboo, our plant-based straws are 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable.

From easy cocktails to barista-level coffee, this 10-pack of eco-friendly straws are the perfect complement to a craft experience at home. Perfect in any drink, but especially a powerhouse for thicker, frozen cocktails and smoothies. Don't worry they don't get soggy in your drink either. 

Sustainable, plant-based bamboo reed straw for easy cocktails at home, smoothies, and coffee

Sip Happens

Hello, guiltless straw-sipping! Our plant-based straws are stylish AND sustainable––can't have one without the other, in our opinion. Plop one in your next infusion kit recipe for a sip-urb experience!