Cocktail Kits & Barware Sets

From prep to pour, Crew's value-packed cocktail kits and barware sets contain everything you need to create remarkably simple craft cocktails from the comfort home. Explore our collection of innovative cocktail kits that mixology accessible to everyone.

Spicy Margarita Cocktail Kit with Straw and Garnishes

Easy Cocktails at Home

Our best-selling cocktail infusion kits make it remarkably simple to craft impressive drinks just like the pros. Discover the craft cocktail set that’s bringing mixology into the mainstream.

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Rimming Salts for Cocktails Cocktail Kit Upgrade

Cocktail Kit Upgrades

Wanna get fancy? From sustainable straws to rimming salts and garnishes, we’ve got everything you need to transform your favorite cocktails into works of art.

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Cocktail Kit Reviews

Kory M.

My new go-to gift

I bought this as a gift for a friend who I knew had a bar cart in her apartment. She went absolutely nuts and thanked me profusely. Coming back around the holidays!

Kat C.

Awesome Product

Loving this product right now! It has made amazing gifts literally anytone. I am OBSESSED. They're so convenient, easy to use, and the customer service is amazing. Can't recommend enough!

Kevin B.

A Dream Come True

Literally. Become the bartender of your dreams.

Mixologists using the cocktail kits to create cocktails

The Cocktail Kit Causing a Stir

Many cocktail kits claim to cater to mixologists, but few enjoy the widespread acclaim of Crew Cocktail Kits. From seasoned professionals behind the bar to passionate beginners, Crew's cocktail kits are bringing mixology into the mainstream.

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Find Your Flavor

Crew’s pre-measured mixes lay the foundation for a perfectly balanced cocktail. Each mix includes a suggested recipe, which you can follow to a tee or use as a starting point to create something uniquely you. 

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Mixology Made Simple: Crew Cocktail Kits

Crew's cocktail kits, crafted through the lens of bartending experience, redefine home mixology with an unmatched blend of expertise, simplicity and style. Meticulously curated, each kit guarantees top-tier ingredients and recipes, enabling users to replicate craft bar-quality flavors effortlessly.

Prioritizing convenience, Crew's kits eliminate the hassle of ingredient sourcing and measuring. Packaged for ease, they streamline the mixing process, making it both seamless and enjoyable for creative types, DIY-ers and aspiring mixologists.

More than just cocktail kits, Crew fosters a community of learning. Detailed instructions and educational content empower users to expand their mixology skills, catering to beginners and seasoned bartenders alike.

Driven by innovation, Crew's kits evolve to meet diverse tastes and preferences. From classic cocktails to contemporary blends, there's a cocktail kit for every occasion, ensuring an elevated drinking experience.

Cocktail Kit FAQs

Here are the most common questions we receive about our Cocktail Kits. Not seeing your question? Feel free to reach out with your question.