Essential Mixology Kit

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Perfect for non-committal types—this value-packed bundle is an easy entry-point for folks curious about at-home mixology, but not quite ready to take the leap. Also makes an ideal gift for your fellow cocktail enthusiasts and great gifts for coworkers.

This kit combines our best-sellers and infusion basics to lay the foundation for your creative cocktail explorations.

Endless Creativity

With a removable base and wide mouth, our infusion bottles make it simple to get started, no matter where you want to start––cocktails, simple syrups or infused olive oils.


Ryan B.


For any person interested in infusions or setting up a small home bar, this is the perfect set! 10/10 recommend to anyone. Also an excellent gift I plan to give out in the future.

Christopher S.

Well worth it

The bottles are feel like they were well made, they each have a nice balance feeling to it. And I LOVE the fact I can clean them easily!

Stacia S.

Just what I've been looking for

These bottles are so well thought out. Easy to wash, non-slip, and the spouts fit perfectly too Looking forward to purchasing more soon!

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