Pride Pack

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Color: Pride

It's nice to have options. That's why we created a value-packed bundle starring a variety of Crew’s best and brightest. This colorful, compatible set lets you mix (or match) components to distinguish ingredients, suit your style or show your pride. How great is that? Treat yourself to the full spectrum of Crew and get ready for morale to go way, way up.

Craft Crew Bottle is in Cocktail Kit designed for crafting simple cocktails at home with precise measurements and a removable base.

Mixology Made Simple

Designed with you in mind, our Crew Bottle® is the leading home bar tool for beginning bartenders and experienced mixologists alike.

No Mess, No Stress

After mixing, simply unscrew the base and let the dishwasher do the dirty work (a gentle hand wash works, too). Ready for hassle-free hosting?


Nick N.

At home mixologist's best friend!

Great quality bottles and the concept of a fully removable bottom is amazing! We are using them to infuse gin and vodka, so the removable bottom comes in handy to be able to add / remove ingredients that would get stuck in the neck of a normal bottle.

Francisco V.

Great quality

I purchased this bottle to infuse my water with fruits, vegetables and legumes. Great design, very sleek, easy to clean. I ended up buying another one and will soon order a third!

Angela C.


I’m obsessed. Fresh fruit and herbs daily for the most refreshing water ever. It’s very easy to load the fruit and equally easy to clean. So worth the purchase.

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