Pour Boy® Pour Spout

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Quantity: Single
Color: Crew Blue

Adored by craft bartenders for their indestructible design and color-coding capabilities, our Pour Boys® are the everlasting gobstoppers of the pour spout category. Perfect for pouring cocktail ingredients and “o-live” your oils, we guarantee these are the last spouts you’ll ever buy and are great to add to your barware collection.

Unlike other spouts, Pour Boys® are engineered to provide an optimal flow rate for a precise pour, every time. Crew’s innovative design combines functionality, style, and longevity, resulting in a world-class speed pourer that industry professionals and home bartenders love.

    Perfect Your Pour

    Designed for a brisk, smooth pour, our pour spouts allow you to craft amazing cocktails with the precision of a pro.

    Seamless Teamwork

    Our Pour Boy® Pour Spout was designed to fit seamlessly with our beloved bottle series––yeah, that's right, both the Crew Bottle and the Chubby Bottle.

    The reviews are pouring in...

    Evelyn G.

    Absolutely LOVE these

    Love these pour spouts. Perfect pour every time.

    Sean M.

    Didn't know I needed these!

    There are great! I had no idea I needed a spout until I got one. Now it's a must-have for me.

    Aliz M.

    Life Changing

    Simple as that.

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