About Crew: The Home Bar HQ

Crew is a gathering place for cocktail enthusiasts and casual creatives who like to try new things. We empower everyday people to create thoughtful drinks from the comfort of home, through a well-crafted collection of home bar basics and remarkably simple recipes.

Professional bartender mixing drinks behind a bar

Our Story

After a decade of bars and restaurant experience, we were fed up with cheap, unreliable mixing tools. Through the lens of industry experience, we developed a new category of barware for people who value quality, craftsmanship and simplicity.

Crafting thoughtful drinks from home with infusion kits and

Mainstream Mixology

While we set out to equip industry professionals with better tools, we also discovered a growing group of people who shared our passion for creating thoughtful drinks at home. After all, why should the pros have all the fun?

We knew what was missing: a community-driven marketplace that makes mixology remarkably simple for everyday people.