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Chubby Bottle

Original price $23.99 - Original price $64.97
Original price
$23.99 - $64.97
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A mini multi-tasker that punches way above its weight. 

We combined the functionality of our coveted Crew Bottle® with a (pleasantly) plump figure and ergonomic handling size to make the perfect bottle for olive oil infusions, dressings, and craft cocktail pairings (like simple syrups, fresh juices, and tinctures).  The best part? The Chubby's leak-proof removable base makes cleanup an absolute breeze. 

Go from storing to pouring by simply popping on one of our made-to-last Pour Boy® Pour Spouts.

Quantity: Single
Color: Crew Blue

Tried-and-true Craft Tech® Glass for superior performance and durability.


Leakproof and ready to take on-the-go.


For faster, more effective cleaning. Let the dishwasher do the dirty work.